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Water Feature, Koi & BAck Yard Pond Supplies

We are passionate about the beauty that Koi Ponds and Outdoor Water Features bring to your outdoor living space. That is why Sculptured Gardens has the biggest selection of supplies and equipment for them in Spokane. Look no further for everything you need to build, maintain, and repair an outdoor water feature or koi pond and turn your garden or yard into the backyard oasis you've been dreaming of. Our vast inventory of affordable accessories and supplies include the following:

• Fountains & Sculptures
• Filters, Reservoirs & Pumps

• Bubblers & Spitters
• Koi Food & Treatments
• Filter Media
• Plumbing Parts
• UV Filters, Aerators
• Fittings
• Water Treatments
• And More
Collage of water lilies, irises, lotuses, and water foliage.

Aquatic Plants

The relaxing beauty of a water feature is only enhanced with the addition of aquatic plants.  Ornamental lotuses, fragrant lilies, and towering irises all add stunning color and interest to your pond.  Waving grasses and unique water foliage, like the ever-lucky water clover or rosette-like water lettuce, accent these flowers with lush greenery.  Pond plants even help oxygenate the water, helping to create a healthy aquatic environment.  Visit Sculptured Gardens today for a wonderful selection of these unique and gorgeous aquatic plants.